What an amazing way to finish the weekend. I can’t remember the last time the wife and I had a drama/argument free weekend. We capped it off with a day road trip to Aspen to see the changing colors of the trees. What an amazing drive and quality time that we got to spend with one another. Since the car ride was 3 ½ hours each way, my anxiety was normal. Wasn’t worried about other drivers or anything else for that matter. Except when we got to Independence Pass (12,095 elevation) and the road turned into one lane. That was a little sketchy as you have to wait for other cars to pass as your passenger side car is kissing the mountain. But other than a few times we encountered that, the trip was uneventful. We also stopped at Twin Lakes to take some photos (I will post photos and end of blog).

So what does this trip tell me? Well, first off this was the wife and I first road trip. My anxiety and stress did not get the best of me (I did pack my medication with me). I didn’t shut down emotionally and was able to carry on conversations the entire trip. In addition, I wasn’t feeling lonely, depressed, or worthless. Getting out and enjoying the outdoors was extremely good for me physically and mentally. I just hope that we can continue to have days like today.

Photo: Mike Levine
Photo: JH