Today I received some bad news regarding my school status. After three years in school, I was told that I won’t be able to enroll for my next class because I failed to turn in my high school transcripts. I have less than a year left in my program and they now spring this upon me. I told them a year ago that I don’t have the transcripts, that the school no longer exists, and I have tried contacting the state board of education. I was also told a year ago that I didn’t need them as I was not applying for financial aid. In addition, I did provide paperwork of my military career from which I was medically retired from after 13 years of service. So, to spring this on me today when my class is supposed to start on Tuesday has caused me quite a bit of anxiety. My only recourse is to file an appeal but that takes time and will not be done in time of my next class. This is going to affect my pay and cause me to miss out on quite a bit of money. My stress and anxiety are high and not sure what I am going to do.

As I sit here trying to finish my current class, I am having a hard time concentrating to do this week’s assignment. My mind is racing and won’t allow me to focus on anything else. I know I should wait and see what happens, but my mind goes to the worst-case scenario. Hopefully things will work out for the best. Until then, I will refrain from drinking, and go to a meeting.

Photo: Gabriel Matula